Shower Head Installation 101: How to Replace Your Old Shower Head

Do you want to replace your old shower head and need assistance in replacing it in the best way? You ended up in the perfect spot.

According to CRD, older shower heads have a flow of 20 liters per minute (L/min) compared to new shower heads using between 5.6 – 7.6 L/min! Think how much water bills you can save by new shower head installation.

But for that, we need to know how to replace the shower head correctly. Our blog lets you know 

a simplified process by which you will know everything about upgrading your shower head to a better one and having a greater shower experience! 


Before shower head installation or upgrading your shower head, it’s important to know if you have all the necessary equipment with you. Lacking any one of these can interrupt your shower head installation. So make sure you got –

  • Slip-joint pliers.
  • Adjustable wrench.
  • Teflon tape.
  • Cleaning rags.
  • Replacement shower head.

Remove The Old Shower Head

The obvious first step in shower head installation is to remove the old one. You can try to push it anti-clockwise with your hands. But sometimes, your shower head can get stuck because of the rust buildup.

If it doesn’t spin, you might need to use an adjustable wrench to loosen the screw of your old shower head. Take a rag or towel, use that to get a good grip over your shower head, then try to move it. 

To prevent damage when you hold onto the shower arm with slip-joint pliers, wrap the cloth around the pipe that runs from the shower head to the wall. After that, secure the adjustable wrench around the base of the head and turn it off counterclockwise until the arm is free.

Clean The Shower Arm

Many people overlook the important step of cleaning the shower arm during shower head installation. Use the rag to wipe both the inside and outside of the arm since there is probably some rust, scale, and other debris left over from your old shower head. 

This will not only provide room for cleaner and higher-pressure shower water, but it will also make installing your new shower head much simpler.

Use Shower Head Tape

After cleaning the shower arm, you need to find the series of linear grooves, also known as threads, located at the end of the shower arm. Apply two or three passes of Teflon tape over them in a clockwise direction. You can easily find shower head installation tapes in your nearest departmental store. 

With each wrap-around, firmly press the shower head tape into the threads with your fingertips so you can begin to see the threads through the tape. When you twist this tape when installing a new shower head, it serves as a seal, ensuring a tight fit and preventing water leakage.

Use Tape In Shower Head Installation

Be careful when you are applying the tape, as a too-tight or too-loose knot can lead to severe water damage through leaking. When you check for leaks at the end of the shower head installation, keep the tape nearby in case you need it again.

Want to tackle the leaking issues with ease? Check out our expert guide on how to fix a leaking pipe.

Installing New Shower Head

Shower head installation techniques depend on the type of faucet you are working with. While a typical wall mount shower is simple to install, other types, like top mount or sliding bar, can take more effort and expertise. 

Here we will discuss the top 5 types of shower heads and how to install them in Toronto homes:  

Standard Wall Mount

The wall-mount faucets are typically the cheapest and simplest to install. You can complete the shower head installation just with your hands. Simply mount the replacement head on the shower arm by placing it there, then tighten the screws clockwise. Make sure to read the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Top Mount 

Replacing a top-mount shower head is somewhat similar to installing wall-mount shower heads. These shower heads are mounted on the ceiling, and they spray directly underneath. That’s why they are also known as rainfall shower heads.

Top Mount Shower Head Installation

Even though it may seem easy, top-mount shower head installation is not a work of a rookie. If you are installing new shower head for the first time, it’s best to ask a professional plumbing service in Toronto for help.


A handheld shower head makes a shower more versatile and pleasant. You might think of upgrading your shower head to a handheld one if you want a more flexible shower experience. 

Handheld shower heads can be a good replacement for traditional tub spouts and shower heads. Typically, installing them is not too difficult. The end of the shower hose should be connected to the mount before the new shower head is screwed onto the shower arm in a clockwise direction. 

Handheld Shower Head

Always check the manufacturer’s instructions to see if there are any extra ones. If you don’t want to replace your old shower head on your own, contact a reliable plumbing service company in Toronto to take care of the work for you.

Sliding Bar

A handheld sprayer attached to a flexible hose is often mounted on a 24-inch vertical bar that is fastened to the wall with an adjustable sliding bar shower head. 

The bar needs to be placed next to the showerhead’s connection to the supply line. In a shower, hollow-wall anchors frequently make this simpler. 

Slide-bar shower heads are growing in popularity in shower head installation because they can adjust to bathers of different heights and also because the handheld sprayer can be lifted off the slide bar to wash kids’ hair, shampoo the dog, and rinse down the tub walls. 

According to Popular Mechanics, these shower heads can range from 200$-800$, depending on the manufacturer. 

Hi-Tech Shower Panels 

In recent days, Hi-tech shower heads are gaining popularity for their functions and aesthetics. Added features and capabilities can enhance the showering experience.

However, with greater complexity options, shower head installation becomes more difficult. If you don’t have experience with plumbing and electrical systems, it’s advisable to thoroughly study the manufacturer’s instructions before installing shower panels and technology-enabled shower heads.

Hi-Tech Shower Head Installation

But we would prefer to consult a professional plumbing service in Toronto to install high-tech shower panels as this involves electrical work, which will most likely be out of your hands and require certain expertise.

Inspect The Work And Checkout The Leaks

Check for any leaks before you wash your hands off the situation because they could result in leaking and increase your water bills. Take a step back and turn on the water for a few seconds after installing the new shower head and check if everything is working smoothly.

If you notice any streams of water coming from the unusual parts of the shower head, turn off the water again so you may take apart the head, dry it, and then secure it with more Teflon tape. After that, tightly attach it to the arm and do another test.

If you see the problem isn’t fixed, your shower head installation had a fault. Don’t turn it on, as this can damage your shower fixture. Professional advice is a must if you come across in situation.

Professional Shower Head Replacement In Toronto

Plumbing work is not easy for everyone. If you don’t have any prior experience, a little bit of faulty work can cause more trouble rather than a solution. Other than shower head installation, professionals can inspect if you have any other plumbing issues in your Toronto home. 

If you want a professional shower head replacement in Toronto, Citizen Plumbing can help you to get the best plumbing installation & maintenance service. They have been providing reliable plumbing services in Toronto for over 25 years. So you can hand over any sort of plumbing work to them without any concern.


Whether your old shower head is broken or you just want to upgrade it for an enhanced shower experience, it’s essential to gain proper knowledge about shower head installation.

Our expert blog lets you know 5 accurate yet simple shower head installation tricks so that you know exactly what you need to do! From easy standard wall-mount shower heads to complex hi-tech shower panels, we cover it all!

If you don’t have any prior experience with plumbing work or want things to be handled by professionals, you can rely on Citizen Plumbing, an experienced plumbing service in Toronto.

So why wait for more? Get your favorite type of shower head now and use our expert blog to reach the ultimate relaxation with an elevated shower experience!

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