Expert Tips for Split AC Installation: Everything You Need to Know

Do you want a seamless split AC installation but ain’t sure where to start? You ended up at the right place. Split air conditioner installation unit can be daunting and confusing if you want to do it by yourself but ensuring correct air conditioning unit installation is essential to enjoy optimal performance and longevity.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the proper installation procedure step-by-step and provide some useful advice to make the process as smooth as possible. We’ll also go through the split ac installation costs you might have to bear and provide some in-depth knowledge so that you don’t get into the hassle like most homeowners in Toronto. 

Preparing For Split AC Installation

Choosing The Right Spot

Make sure to identify the best spot to install both the indoor and outdoor units precisely. You don’t want the air conditioner installed where the cooling won’t work properly, causing damage to your machine.

There should be at least a 30-35 centimetres distance around the outdoor unit to ensure optimum performance. Also, avoid a place with your unit can come in contact with direct sunlight or dust. This can decrease the longevity of the air conditioning unit,

Wall Strength

It’s easy to neglect one of the most important factors in the split AC installation process, which is your wall strength. Make sure the wall that will support the indoor unit of the air conditioner is sturdy enough. It should be able to withstand the unit’s vibration.

Appropriate Installation Height From The Ground

Another major thing to notice in ductless air conditioning installation is the right height between the ground and the unit. If your ceiling height is like 10 feet, you should install split ac unit at 7-8 feet above ground if you want to enjoy the best cooling in your space.

As physics have taught us, hot air rises to the top and cold air sinks down. If the AC unit is properly placed in the top, it sucks up the hot air, cooling it down.

This will ensure the cool air is spread evenly throughout the space giving you optimal cooling. This will also make sure the split air conditioner is not working too hard to cool the warm roof, which would increase your power costs.

Installing The Indoor Unit

Fix The Mounting Plate And Drill The Outlet Hole

The mounting plate must be fixed to the inside wall. Place the mounting plate against the wall where the indoor unit will be installed. Make sure it is level both horizontally and vertically by using a level. Mark the positions of the screw holes with a pencil, take off the plate, and then drill a hole into the wall for each screw.

Taping screws attach the plate to the wall after it has been placed so that it aligns with the holes and plastic anchors have been inserted into them.

Correct The Tilt Angle Of the Indoor Unit

Ensure that the aluminium bracket is given a slight tilt angle when mounting it to the wall so that, once installed, the indoor of the split AC unit will also be at a slight angle to allow for an unhindered flow of the condensed water from the drain pipe.

Checking The Wires In Split Ac Installation

Check The Wires On The Indoor Unit

Lift the A/C unit’s front panel and remove the cover. Ensure the cable wires are connected to the screw terminals and that the wiring matches the manufacturer’s instructions that came with the unit.

Secure The Indoor Unit To The Mounting Plate

Just line up the female connections on the rear of the air conditioner with the male connections on the mounting plate, then press firmly to hold the air conditioner in place. Ensure the device is tilted backwards by 2-3 degrees so water may exit the drain pipe.

Installing The Outdoor Unit

Proper Placement of The Outdoor Unit

You must place split AC’s outdoor unit on a flat, hard surface. The compressor, condenser, fan motor, and other essential split AC parts are included in this unit. The unit will shake significantly if it is not on a level surface, which can cause copper pipes to break, coolant leaks, and compressor and condenser damage. 

The vibrating device also creates a lot of noise, which could annoy your neighbours and you. The outdoor unit should be placed at a safe distance from other objects or units to ensure proper airflow and prevent potential safety hazards, such as gas leaks or fires.

Use Vibration Isolation Pads

You should use vibration isolation pads as they are made to reduce noise and vibration from the outdoor unit, which can help to prevent any damage or wear and tear to the unit or surrounding area. This will be useful for both you and your neighbor. 

Cover The Outdoor Unit When Not In Use

Covering the outdoor unit when not in use can help to protect it from severe weather conditions such as rain, snow, or extreme heat, which can cause damage or wear and tear to the unit over time. Why lose extra bucks when we can be just a bit cautious?

Regularly Clean And Maintain It

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the outdoor unit can help to keep it operating at peak performance and efficiency. This includes removing debris or dirt from the unit, checking the fan blades for damage, and scheduling routine maintenance with professional spit ac installation service in Toronto.

Maintenance With Professional Spit Ac Installation Service In Toronto

Importance of Correct Installation

An air conditioner must be installed correctly. Otherwise, its performance will suffer and the equipment may be harmed in the long run. If the air conditioner is not correctly placed, you may suffer maintenance concerns, which may result in an increase in the cost of your power bills. 

It may also consume more power, giving you endless extra utility bills.

When installing an air conditioner, it is always best to seek professional assistance from a reliable split AC installation service. And here’s why- 

  1. Assures enough cooling.
  2. Ensures the machine performs effectively.
  3. Ensure the appliance uses less energy, lowering sure that the device uses less energy, which lowers your monthly payment bill.
  4. Reduces the cost of service and maintenance
  5. Increases the air conditioner’s durability

Perks of  Consulting  A Professional Split AC Installation Service


The most beneficial thing about hiring professional services is the level of experience these businesses have. Even though you have spent your whole life in an air-conditioned room, Split AC installation contractors have greater expertise with overall services. 

So, you can lay back on your couch and binge-watch Netflix while the experts handle the matter.

Preventing Warranty Damage

Installing an air conditioner by yourself without prior experience can damage the unit’s warranty, and this would be a significant loss. In such a circumstance, you would not be eligible to get the advantages you would have if the warranty was in good condition.

Consider hiring a professional for the best split AC installation in Toronto and safeguard your system’s warranty period. They will ensure that none of the components are harmed during installation because they know where everything is inside each split AC system.

To Protect Yourself

Some homeowners don’t give much importance to using proper equipments while working on split AC installation. These units have greater electrical values, and even the smallest error might result in a catastrophic event that may even result in casualties. 

Avoid taking such chances to save money on split AC unit installation costs. Get a professional AC installation service to assist you in this area so that you can be safe and secure..

To Save Time

You would undoubtedly admit that installing an air conditioner takes a lot of time and patience. Time is equivalent to money in today’s world. So it’s up to you if you want to take advantage of hiring an expert and free yourself from this time-consuming installation process.

Long-Term Safety

A skilled split AC service business knows how to install your AC system in the perfect method that won’t compromise its efficiency over time regarding long-term usage. You could lack the necessary expertise. Thus, let professionals handle the installation of your AC, ensuring proper safety for your device.

Professional Split Ac Installation Service

They Will Take Accountability 

If you install split AC through a professional company you can directly call the maintenance provider and demand compensation if your AC experiences any sort of problems after installing it in your home. 

They will take responsibility for any issues caused to your ductless split AC system.. On the other hand, nobody would have been at fault if you had handled the installation and something had gone wrong with your expensive AC.

How Long Split AC Installation Takes

According to Checkatrade, Installing a split AC system can take upto 6 – 8 hours, depending on the exact unit and complexity of the installation process. 

A split AC is an air conditioning system that includes one outdoor unit and multiple indoor units (usually two, three, or four units). Because of they variation of units, installation time is also interchangeable With this system, all the units work simultaneously, so you have them either all off or all on – you can’t choose to have some on and some off. 

Average Split AC Installation Cost

The average ductless split AC installation costs $3,000–$9,000. The AC system can cost anywhere from $600 for a single-zone system to more than $20,000 if you are considering a central AC unit for a whole-home or multi-zone system. Hiring an HVAC contractor to install it adds $300–$6,000.Here are the key factors that can affect split AC installation cost:

Several units: Most homes require one unit per room. The more indoor units you have, the higher your system cost. Labor costs are also higher to install more units.

Type of components: Different models of split AC units may be more or less expensive as each model comes with different features & functionalities.The price variation also depends on the brand. 

Unit size: More powerful air conditioners which have more units cost more. Like an air conditioner that has four indoor units rather than two will surely be more expensive.

Check out this blog from, This Old House if you need an in-depth cost analysis of each factor and how it can affect the overall split AC installation cost.


Lastly, split AC installation can be hectic and troublesome, but don’t worry! You can seamlessly complete the installation with the assistance of a professional split AC installation service if you take the proper approach and be knowledgeable about it. 

It’s important to understand the importance of correct installation, as this will ensure your needs and reduce your expenses. Follow the instructions provided in the blog by choosing the perfect spot for split AC installation and proceeding to install your indoor and outdoor units precisely.

Remember that a correct installation of split AC system guarantees the smooth and effective operation of your AC unit and also prevents you from having to make frequent expensive repairs.

Here’s to living in a nice, cozy house with the perfect cooling condition without encountering any problems.

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