Professional Shower Installation Services: Transform Your Shower Experience

Thinking about installing a new shower but not sure where to start? Welcome to your 2023 guide to a stress-free shower installation! Regardless of whether you’re a DIY master or a first-timer, we’ve got all the expert tips and advice you’ll need to turn your bathroom into a relaxing oasis. Let’s take the plunge together, shall we?

Most homeowners only consider replacing their shower system once a problem arises. But a new shower installation can increase your system’s energy effectiveness and performance, reducing utility prices and maintenance expenses. Not to mention, upgrading furnaces can provide you hassle-free access to better shower quality.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the advantages of upgrading your shower system and why you need new shower installation. We’ll review how these improvements can save you money and make your showering experience more pleasurable. 

So, whether you’re a homeowner in Toronto or anywhere else, read on to learn why replacing your shower from an expert plumbing service can be the best decision for your house and daily life.

Common Problems of An Outdated Shower

Imagine starting your day with a faulty shower that gives you different temperature of water at different times.The frustration can put you in a poor mood and destroy your whole day before it even starts. A shower is more than a way to get cleaned; it’s an important component of your daily routine that should be enjoyable.

An outdated or faulty shower can create tons of issues disrupting your daily routine. Have you ever taken a shower with either too hot or too cold water? It is not only unpleasant, but also harmful. An outdated shower system that has to be changed if it’s giving you inconsistent water temperature.

Low water pressure is another common concern with old shower systems. With low water pressure, it can take forever to rinse off shampoo or body wash, making your shower experience frustrating. Low water pressure can also indicate clogged pipes or showerheads that need to be changed.

Another typical issue that might interfere with your shower experience is poor drainage. A clogged drain can leave standing water in your shower, allowing mold and mildew to grow and damaging your bathroom floor. It is not only an unpleasant experience, but it can also be harmful to one’s health.

These problems can make it difficult to enjoy your shower and disrupt your regular routine. New shower installation can solve these problems and make your shower experience more enjoyable.

Benefits of Upgrading Shower System

Improved Water Pressure

Upgrading your shower can provide you more enjoyable showering experience by increasing the water pressure. You won’t have to worry about weak streams that barely rinse out the soap with a new shower installation. 

Benefits Of Shower Installation

A strong and regular water flow can assist in better blood circulation in your muscles, you can  wash your hair efficiently, and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after your shower.

Consistent Water Temperature

Have you ever had a bothersome and uncomfortable change in water temperature while showering? It’s frustrating, especially when you’re trying to chill in the shower. Upgrading furnace and shower will provide you with consistent water temperature throughout the shower. 

Models with thermostatic valves that manage water temperature to avoid unexpected temperature changes and ensure you always have hot water when you need it are available.

Improved Safety Features 

Upgrading your shower system through a professional shower installation service can help you make your bathroom safer. When installing a new shower, you can select models with additional safety features, such as anti-scald technology. 

Anti-scald technology prevents burns by adjusting the temperature of the water to keep it from becoming too hot. With these safety features, you can enjoy a shower without worrying about the safety of your family or guests.

Aesthetic Improvements 

A new shower installation can give your bathroom a makeover and improve its overall appearance. You can purchase shower kits in various styles and patterns to fit the decor of your bathroom. 

Aesthetic Shower Installation

You may select from a range of styles, including modern, classic, minimalist, and even opulent alternatives, to give your bathroom a fashionable appearance. You may simply improve the look of your bathroom with modern shower installation without breaking the bank.

Types Of Shower Installations

Shower installation choices are countless, making it difficult to select the best one. At Citizen Plumbing, we pride ourselves on guiding our customers extensively on every aspect, allowing you to make an informed choice regarding your next shower installation. The following are a few of the common shower installation choices:

Shower to Tub Remodeling

If you use your bathtub more frequently, getting a new one wouldn’t be a terrible idea. But if you rarely use your tub or not used to an over-bath shower, a tub-to-shower conversion is your best bet. 

A tub to shower conversion will likely increase the amount of space in your bathroom and improve the design and atmosphere of your bathroom because showers typically take up less space than bathtubs do.

Shower Remodeling

It’s time to renovate your bathroom if it’s old or if your shower isn’t capable of giving you the advantages of a contemporary shower. Your bathroom’s utility and attractiveness will both be enhanced by a shower renovation.

Shower Installation Process

Shower Replacement

It’s time to replace your shower with a the help of professional shower installation services in Toronto if it is showing indications of aging and damage, including mold and mildew development, fading, and chipping.

You will need a full renovation of your bathroom which requires extensive expertise and experience. If you are looking for a reliable shower installation service then Citizen Plumbing is the way to go as we have been providing satisfactory results to homeowners around Toronto since a decade.

How Much Does Shower Installation Cost?

According to Bobvilla, a modern shower promotes accessibility and safety, offers a place to chill out, and raises a home’s market value. With a national average of $7,350, shower installation costs can range from $3,733 to $11,173.


So, if your shower is causing frequent issues and costing you more money than it should, a new shower installation can save you from this hassle and solve your bathing problems.

Many homeowners decide on replacing their shower only when something goes wrong, ignoring the fact that that improving these basic components may actually boost the efficiency and performance of their whole shower system, lowering electricity bills and maintenance costs. Brand new shower installation can also provide you quick access to better water and shower quality, making your daily routine more manageable and convenient.

But hold on, there’s more! Upgrading your shower system can also help to tackle typical problems such as low water pressure, uneven water temperature, and poor drainage. Who wants to begin their day with a shower that barely rinses the soap away or leaves standing water on the bathroom floor? Not us! With a new shower installation, you may experience a powerful and consistent spray of water that will leave you feeling refreshed.

So, whether you’re a homeowner in Toronto or elsewhere, don’t put off replacing your shower system until you have a problem. A new shower installation from a reputed and reliable plumbing service in Toronto is the intelligent decision that may help you save money, boost efficiency, and enhance the overall quality of your daily routine.

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